The mission of My Inspired Studio is to help women find their inner-peace through making time to paint.


Sarah launched My Inspired Studio in March 2020 for women who need to make time for themselves. Time to get out of their heads, and time to enjoy the simplicity of creating. Sarah launched My Inspired Studio not only because she recognized that she needed to make time for herself, but that she wasn't the only woman needing to take a break from the craziness of life and just create. My Inspired Studio is just that...it's YOUR inspiration, your studio, anywhere! Whether that's in your pajamas at 11pm with the TV on in the background, or at 2pm while the kid is down for a nap, or if it's in the quiet of your backyard under the warm sun (Sarah's favorite). My Inspired Studio is for YOU...it's time to make time for yourself and enjoy something creative and hands-on, no matter how "good" or "bad" you are at it! Start right where you are...start with My Inspired Studio! We think you'll quickly find that it's your happy place...no matter where you are!


As cheesy as it may sound, My Inspired Studio started as a dream only a year before launching in March 2020! Sarah had just opened her own studio, where she teaches group painting parties and workshops. In May of 2019, Sarah was one of the five small business finalists to compete for $50,000 in the Momentum Business Plan Competition in Ludington, MI. She became the first place winner, receiving $14,000 to expand her studio to include a drop-in project workshop. It was during this time of preparing for the competition and really considering her business plan, that she knew she wanted to reach more women through an online, membership-based business. She just figured that it would be something to put on the back-burner for a while. Sarah has recently learned that goals and dreams should never be put on the back burner! 


In August 2019, Sarah also was a top five finalist in another local business competition, the Epworth 5x5 Pitch Night for startup businesses. She shared her idea of My Inspired Studio, and how she had a dream to provide a similar experience that her in-person parties provides, but in a totally different form and setting. The vision was to offer a subscription art box, delivered right to her customer's homes. This would allow them to create in a comfortable, safe atmosphere, at any time that is convenient for their schedule. Sarah won the 5x5 Pitch Night, allowing her to start the new business, and she had up to a year after the competition date to use the funds to build and launch My Inspired Studio.


Fast forward eight months later, My Inspired Studio was officially launched! The timing of the business launch wasn't exactly what you would expect, which makes this story very unique. In late March, Inspired Parties had to temporarily close like so many other small businesses in Michigan due to COVID-19. With people staying home, and so many wanting desperately to create and occupy their minds, it was the perfect setting for My Inspired Studio to launch. So, here we are, taking the first steps and evolving and improving on the way!