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What My Inspired Studio is NOT

1) It’s NOT a typical art class...there’s no judging, no grading, and no rules! Sarah is simply your guide and coach, and her priority is to help you gain and develop new artistic skills (no matter which of the 5 Stages you’re in!) She will help you discover that you CAN actually be kind and supportive to yourself through the process of making mistakes (or “happy little accidents”, as Bob Ross would say) and learning how to become a better painter.

2) It’s NOT a competition! One of the best components of My Inspired Studio is our supportive and loving community of other Inspired artists! It’s a safe, judgement-free zone in our Facebook community where members are encouraged to share their work with the group to be supported no matter what stage of the journey they’re in! This keeps the Inspiration rolling in other members that see their work, too!

How "My Inspired Studio" Works

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Are you curious about painting, but not sure how or where to start? Start with My Inspired Studio!

Sarah will guide you step-by-step through 2+ tutorials each month, while helping you along your artistic journey, no matter where you're starting!

Our membership now opens for new members just once a quarter, for only five days. After that, the doors close until the next quarter! 

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One of the best things about My Inspired Studio is the community of other like-minded people, on a similar journey as you!

As a member, you'll get access to join our exclusive Facebook group for My Inspired Studio. This is where the LIVE painting tutorials will be done, as well as any BONUS videos ;) You can watch from any device (we recommend a laptop or tablet) and paint along! Can't attend the live tutorial? A replay will always be available! The Facebook community is also a safe place to share your progress, personal goals, and ask any and all of your questions! 

Don't have Facebook? After each LIVE tutorial, we will upload a replay within 3-5 days and email you a private link to watch and paint along at your convenience. You will receive updates via email, and you are always welcome to reach out to us via email with questions! 

Monthly Membership Content

(Photos show featured December paintings)

Every month, My Inspired Studio offers TWO new painting tutorials to our members. These painting designs are for all skill levels, from the very beginner to the more experienced artist! 

Sarah demonstrates the complete paintings from start to finish, and you get to watch and paint along, from wherever you are! Tutorials range from about 1-3 hours long.

We always provide any needed tracers for the paintings that are featured for the month, plus supply lists for our online access only members.


Members also get access to all of our NEW training videos, located in our brand new membership site (details coming soon), such as specific painting techniques, color mixing tips & tricks, plus past bonus videos, AND past painting tutorials! It’s going to be a library of painting at your fingertips!

Are you a Ludington Local?

If you're one of our local Ludington customers, you can order your box and use the code LOVELUDINGTON to waive the shipping fee and pickup your box at Inspired Parties studio (located at 3754 North Jebavy Drive) during our regular business hours! 

Coming February & March 2021

What Our Members are Saying...

Being the Mom of an Art Teacher I’ve always been intimidated by his artistic abilities....never thinking that I could do something he’d think was “passable”! My first painting was birch trees on Hamlin lake. I was anxious about sending him a photo thinking he’d think it very poor effort, and he actually gave me an “A” on it. He’s been a very supportive in my new endeavor of painting and I can’t wait to do pottery next. Sarah is a great teacher and really encourages us to be creative. I love it.

Alice Jones

I have been with Sarah since she started this journey. I am as proud of her, as if she were one of my kids! The ingenuity she and Alex have shown is incredible. One of the best investments I have ever made ❤️

Doris Silver

Sarah is a great teacher and we have been doing her classes from the beginning! She goes over instructions very very well and gives you advice on anything you may need! I have the online membership and it is amazing because I already have the supplies I need so I don’t need to re-purchase everything! The videos are better than I’ve ever watched from a teacher whether it’s live or a replay!

Tiffany LaFrance

Sarah pulls out my creative side....I enjoy the choices and how I can tailor and adjust the painting to my style!

Carol McKendrick

Sarah is very encouraging and responsive to any questions we have either during a tutorial or after and gives great constructive criticism and tips to help us with our painting.  It is also great to be part of a new "virtual community" of other painters where we can share our work and get ideas from as well.  I look forward to continuing with the My Inspired Studio membership. It has helped me to be a little more confident in my painting on my own (sort of lol) and maybe some day I will actually try an original creation!

Susan Horn

Paint with Sarah!

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My Inspired Studio makes a great gift! You can purchase our box or online access for someone else...just be sure to put their information in the shipping info when checking out. Use your information for the billing section. You can even add a note to your order if you would like us to add it to the box! After ordering, please send us an email at myinspiredstudio@gmail.com with their name and email address so we can be sure to keep them in the loop with updates and information about the tutorials.